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 Decades before streaming and downloading and even CD's, 

music was purchased in the physical form of LP's, EP's, 45's and prior to that, 78's. 

Particularly in the late 50's and early '60s before record albums grew in prominence in the mid 60’s, 

45 rpm vinyl singles were king and radio was the ultimate promotional tool for the newest discs. 

There was no internet to give you instant access to the latest releases but if you didn't own

 the record you wanted to hear, radio request shows were there to fill the gap, 

as Chuck Berry described in "Roll Over Beethoven" in 1956: 

"I'm gonna write a little letter/Gonna mail it to my local DJ'

45 years later, the Black Eyed Peas Featuring Macy Gray kept the concept alive 

in their 2001 hit "Request Line" which included the earnest plea 

'Play a record by my favorite band'

In an earlier "Door To Yesterday" blog (Vol.2, No.16), 

I posted a list of songs that celebrated jukeboxes and this time, I've gathered together a group of vintage tunes 

which refer to records or vinyl in their title or in their lyric. This is by no means a definitive list but it provides 

a good cross-section of relevant rock, r&b and country discs. 

ANALOG MAN (Joe Walsh/Drew Hester/Gannin Arnold) by Joe Walsh

Pro: Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh & Tim Armstrong (Fantasy: 2012)

 'What's wrong with vinyl, I think it sounds great'

AT THE HOP (Artie Singer/John Madara/David White) by Danny & The Juniors

Orch & Chorus Cond: Artie Singer (ABC-Paramount: 1957)

 US #1 Pop, #1 R&B, UK #3 all in '58.

 'When the record starts spinnin'" 

BABY SITTIN' BOOGIE (Johnny Parker) by Buzz Clifford/Arr: Tony Piano (Columbia: 1960) US #6 Pop, UK #17 both in '61. 

'You know the record player is his favorite toy'

THE BACK ROOM (Van Morrison) by Van Morrison/Pro: Bert Berns (Bang: 1967)

 'You turned the record player on'

B.J. THE D.J. (Hugh X. Lewis) by Stonewall Jackson

Pro: Don Law & Frank Jones (Columbia: 1963) US #1 Country in '64 

'At record hops he stayed out late'

B SIDE BLUES (Bill Medley/Bobby Hatfield) by The Righteous Brothers/Pro: Bill Medley (Verve: 1966) 

DANCIN' PARTY (Kal Mann/Dave Appell) by Chubby Checker (Parkway: 1962) US #12 Pop

 'Make the scene with the record machine'



The Orlons Don't Hang Up

DON'T HANG UP (Kal Mann/Dave Appell) by The Orlons (

Cameo: 1962) US #3 R&B, #4 Pop. 

'Stopped at the record hop

45 (Elvis Costello) by Elvis Costello

Pro: Elvis Costello, Leo Pearson & Kieran Lynch (Island: 2002)

 'There's a stack of shellac and vinyl' 


HAVING A PARTY (Sam Cooke) by Sam Cooke

A Hugo & Luigi 

Prod./Orch Cond: Rene Hall (RCA: 1962) 

US #4 R&B, #17 Pop. 

'Keep those records playin'"

HIT RECORD (Sibelius Williams) by Brook Benton

Arr & Cond: Malcolm Dodds

Pro: Shelby Singleton (Mercury: 1962) US #45 Pop

HIT SINGLE (Joe Jackson) by Joe Jackson/Pro: Joe Jackson & Ed Roynesdal (Virgin: 1991) 

I CRIED (James Brown/Bobby Byrd) by James Brown

Arr: Dave Matthews/A James Brown Production (King: 1971) US #15 R&B, #50 Pop. 

'Turn your record player down real low'

(James Brown produced an earlier version by 

Tammy Montgomery on his own Try Me label in '63. 

Tammy Montgomery later recorded as Tammi Terrell).


I WORE OUT OUR RECORD (Pam Sawyer/Helen Miller) 

by Dodie Stevens

Arr & Cond: Ernie Freeman

Pro: Bob Reisdorff (Dolton: 1963)

I'M GONNA DJ (Michael Stipe/Peter Buck/Mike Mills) by R.E.M.

Pro: Jacknife & R.E.M. (Warner Bros: 2008)

'Death is pretty final/I'm collecting vinyl'


by Freddy Cannon w/Frank Slay & His Orchestra 

(Swan: 1962) US #67 Pop

IT'S ABOUT TIME (Guy Clark) by Guy Clark

Pro: Neil Wilburn (RCA: 1976)

 'Looks like our dance while the record player fakes it'


 IT'S MY PARTY (Herb Weiner/John Gluck Jr./Wally Gold) by Lesley Gore

Arr & Cond: Claus Ogerman/Pro: Quincy Jones (Mercury: 1963) US #1 Pop, #1 R&B, UK #9. 

'Playin' my records, keep dancin' all night'


by Cheap Trick

Pro: George Martin (Epic: 1980) 

'Those wonderful vinyl productions'

THE MOTOWN SONG (Larry John McNally) by Rod Stewart Featuring The Temptations

Pro: Richard Perry (Warner Bros: 1991)

 US #10 Pop, #3 AC, UK #10. 

'Bring over some of your old Motown records' 

Willie Nelson and then I wrote

 MR. RECORD MAN (Willie Nelson) by Willie Nelson/Music by Harold Bradley

Pro: Joe Allison (Liberty: 1961) 

(Willie also wrote WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS in which he called out'Mr. Music Executive'! ) 

MUSIC (Madonna/Mirwais Ahmadzai) by Madonna

Pro: Madonna & Mirwais Ahmadzai (Maverick: 2000) US #1 Pop, UK #1.

 'Hey Mister DJ, put a record on

OLD DAN'S RECORDS (Gordon Lightfoot) by Gordon Lightfoot

Pro: Lenny Waronker (Warner Bros: 1972)

OLD RECORDS (Merle Kilgore/Arthur Thomas) by Margie Singleton

Pro: Shelby Singleton (Mercury: 1963) US #11 Country 

OLD RECORDS NEVER DIE (Ian Hunter) by Ian Hunter

Pro: Mick Ronson & Mick Jones (Chrysalis: 1981)

OLD SMOKEY LOCOMOTION (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) by Little Eva

Pro: Gerry Goffin for Nevins-Kirshner (Dimension: 1963) US #48 Pop 

'Well every Friday night now/They have a record hop'  



The Raspberries DAve Smalley Wally Bryson Eric Carmen, Jim Bonfanti

  OVERNIGHT SENSATION (Hit Record) (Eric Carmen) by The Raspberries/Pro: Jimmy Ienner (Capitol: 1974) US #18 Pop  

'I just want a hit record

PUT YOUR RECORDS ON (Corinne Bailey Rae/John Beck/Steve Chrisanthou) by Corinne Bailey Rae

Pro: Steve Chrisanthou & Jimmy Hogarth (Capitol: 2006) UK #2, US #64 Pop

RECORD EXECUTIVE BLUES (Bob Hodge) by The Catfish Hodge Band (Adelphi: 1979)

RE-CYCLED VINYL BLUES (Neil Innes plus a medley of vintage songs) by Neil Innes

Pro: Neil Innes (United Artists: 1974)

ROCK AND ROLL RECORDS (J.J. Cale) by J.J. Cale/Pro: Audie Ashworth (Shelter: 1974)

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (Chuck Berry) by Chuck Berry & His Combo

Pro: Leonard Chess (Chess: 1956)  US #2 R&B, #29 Pop 

'It's a rockin' rhythm record I want my jockey to play'

SHE'S GOT YOU (Hank Cochran) by Patsy Cline

Pro: Owen Bradley (Decca: 1962) US #1 Country, #14 Pop, #3 AC, UK #43. 

 'I've got the records that we used to share' 

 (The song was also a #1 Country record as SHE'S GOT YOU by Loretta Lynn in '77 

and as HE'S GOT YOU, it was recorded by various male singers).

SITTING IN MY ROOM (Dee Dee Ramone) by The Ramones

Pro: Graham Gouldman (Sire: 1981) 

'Record player on'

STACK-A-RECORDS (Tom Tall) by Tom Tall & His Tom Kats (Crest: 1958)

THAT'S SHOW BIZ (Dale Wright) by Dale Wright with The Wright Guys (Fraternity: 1959) 

'Won't you please record it?"

THEY CALLED IT ROCK (Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe/Billy Bremner/Terry Williams) by Nick Lowe

Pro: Nick Lowe (Columbia: 1978)

 'The record hit the charts

THOSE D.J. SHOWS (William Robinson) by The Supremes

Prod: Smokey Robinson (Motown: rec.1961, unissued until 1986) 

'I dig the records that they play'

TOP 40 (Mose Allison) by Mose Allison

Pro: Ben Sidran (Blue Note: 1987)

 'When I make my Top Forty big beat rock 'n' roll record'

TOP OF THE POPS (Ray Davies) by The Kinks/Pro: Raymond Douglas Davies (Reprise: 1970) 

'Life is so easy when your record's hot

TURN ON YOUR RADIO (Harry Nilsson) by Nilsson

Pro: Richard Perry (RCA: 1972) 

'Turn on your record player/Listen to my song'

VICTOR E (Gilbert O'Sullivan) by Gilbert O'Sullivan

Arr & Cond: Johnnie Spence/Pro: Gordon Mills (MAM: 1974)

 'My record player began to do the two-step' 

WHAT TO DO (Buddy Holly) by Buddy Holly

Chorus & Orch Dir: Jack Hansen (Coral: 1959) UK #27 in '61.

 'The record hops and all the happy times we had 

WHILE THE RECORD GOES AROUND (Paul Vance/Lee Pockriss) by The Playmates 

w/Hugo Peretti & His Orchestra (Roulette: 1958)

YOU SPIN ME 'ROUND (Like A Record) (Pete Burns/Mike Percy/Tim Laver/Steve Coy) 

by Dead Or Alive (Epic: 1984) US #11 Pop, UK #1.

YOU'RE KNOCKIN' ME OUT (Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield) by Neil Sedaka

Pro: Al Nevins (RCA: 1959) 

'Spinning like a record in a record machine'

In addition, on his 1988 live album "The Storyteller", Ray Davies sings the 1943 Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer song 

THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC and in the break, talks about how in his pre-Kinks days, he and his brother Dave 

owned records of their early guitar heroes.

Let's close out this bulletin by swinging back to the 1940's when records were 78rpm shellac discs. 

Here's JUKE BOX SATURDAY NIGHT (Al Stillman/Paul McGrane) 

by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra w/Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke & The Modernaires (Victor: 1942). 

It was a huge hit parade favorite and its lyric included the line 

'Somebody else plays the record machine' . 

A solid gold platter!

Rock on!

Alan Warner

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