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Under The Covers "Vintage Rock ecorded by the Beatles".Alan Warner. The Door To Yesterday.

Beginning around 1963, the so-called first British Invasion of pop and rock music from the other side of the Atlantic

 introduced audiences here to a revolutionary wave of vibrant young beat groups along with a new breed of songwriters 

such as John Lennon & Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Pete Townshend and Ray Davies.

However, most of the British bands has started their careers performing vintage American songs 

and their early recordings included a slew of exceptional oldies.The Who cut Bo Diddley’s I’M A MAN on their debut LP, 

The Kinks’ first single was Little Richard’s LONG TALL SALLY and The Rolling Stones’ early 45’s included covers of 

Chuck Berry’s COME ON, Buddy Holly’s NOT FADE AWAY and The Valentinos’ IT’S ALL OVER NOW.

In their pre-Beatle days, John had formed a skiffle/rock ‘n’ roll group called The Quarrymen and performed

 Elvis Presley songs at the Cavern Club. Indeed, the Beatles had their own history of choosing standout American 

compositions for their initial Parlophone sessions. Six of the twelve songs on their first British album were covers 

and their second LP featured a further six covers, three of which were Motown songs.

Following is an alphabetical list of twenty-two R&B, rock and 

rockabilly originals of which the Beatles cut their own versions on their early albums:

ANNA (Go To Him) (Arthur Alexander) by Arthur Alexander

Pro: Noel Ball (Dot: 1962)

BABY IT’S YOU (Mack David/Barney Williams/Burt Bacharach) by The Shirelles

Arranged by Burt BacharachPro: Luther Dixon (Scepter: 1961)

BAD BOY (Larry Williams) by Larry Williams

Pro: Art Rupe (Specialty: 1959)

BOYS (Luther Dixon/Wes Farrell) by The Shirelles

Pro: Luther Dixon (Scepter: 1960)



The Cookies "Chains". Alan Warner. The Door To Yesterday.

 CHAINS (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) by The Cookies

Pro: Gerry Goffin (Dimension: 1962)

DEVIL IN HER HEART: Originally released as DEVIL IN HIS HEART (Richard Drapkin) 

by The Donays (Brent: 1962)

DIZZY, MISS LIZZY (Larry Williams) by Larry Williams

Pro: Art Rupe (Specialty: 1958)

EVERYBODY’S TRYING TO BE MY BABY (Carl Perkins) by Carl Perkins

Pro: Sam Phillips (Sun: 1957) 

Rockabilly singer/songwriter/guitarist Carl Perkins was one of the Beatles’ major influences. 

HONEY, DON’T! (Carl Perkins) by Carl Perkins

Pro: Sam Phillips (Sun: 1956)

KANSAS CITY/HEY-HEY-HEY-HEY (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller, Richard Penniman) 

by Little Richard 

(Specialty: 1955)  

Little Richard recorded both Leiber & Stoller’s KANSAS CITY and his own .HEY-HEY-HEY-HEY 

separately but he also recorded them as a medley and that’s the version which The Beatles covered.

LONG TALL SALLY (Enotris Johnson/Robert ‘Bumps’ Blackwell/Richard Penniman) by Little Richard & His Band

Pro: Robert ‘Bumps’ Blackwell (Specialty: 1956)  

According to renowned Beatle expert Bill Harry, 

LONG TALL SALLY was the first number that Paul ever sang on stage; 

it was a staple of various live performances by the Beatles 

and also by Paul McCartney & Wings.



Carl Perkins. The Door To Yesterday. Alan Warner. 2019

 MATCHBOX (Carl Perkins) by Carl Perkins

Pro: Sam Phillips (Sun: 1957)

MONEY (That’s What I Want) (Janie Bradford/Berry Gordy) by Barrett Strong

Pro: Berry Gordy (Tamla: 1959)

MR. MOONLIGHT: Originally released as MISTER MOONLIGHT (Roy Lee Johnson) 

by Dr. Feelgood & The Interns (OKeh: 1962)

PLEASE MR. POSTMAN (Brian Holland/Robert Bateman/Freddie Gorman) by The Marvelettes

Pro: Brianbert (Tamla: 1961)

ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC (Chuck Berry) by Chuck Berry

Pro: Leonard Chess (Chess: 1957)

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (Chuck Berry) by Chuck Berry & His Combo

Pro: Leonard Chess (Chess: 1956)

SLOW DOWN (Larry Williams) by Larry Williams

Pro: Art Rupe (Specialty: 1958)

TWIST AND SHOUT (Phil Medley/Bert Russell) by The Isley Brothers

Arr: Teacho Wiltshire/Pro: Bert Russell (Wand: 1962)

  Song originally released by The Top Notes on Atlantic in 1961.

WORDS OF LOVE (Buddy Holly) by Buddy Holly

Pro: Norman Petty (Coral: 1957)  

Paul McCartney’s MPL Communications publishes 

a whole group of Buddy Holly songs including this one.  

YOU’VE REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME (William Robinson) by The Miracles

Pro: Smokey (Tamla: 1962)

Finally, here’s a key country song that The Beatles recorded in ’65 

and which was released here as the B side of YESTERDAY.

ACT NATURALLY (Johnny Russell/Voni Morrison) by Buck Owens

Pro: Ken Nelson (Capitol: 1963) 

(Ringo sang lead on the Beatles version

 and in in ’89, he re-recorded the song with Buck Owens). 

Rock on.

Alan Warner

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