The Door To Yesterday  Vol 2 No 10 Songwriters in their own words. Curtis Mayfield, Gamble & Huff.





 We've now added an audio podcast to my "Door To Yesterday" site. 

On this, we'll be posting Classic Vintage Interviews with legendary songwriters 

that I recorded over the years for music publishers. 

To begin with, the link below is to two interviews that I conducted for Warner/Chappell. 

My conversation with the late Curtis Mayfield was recorded at his home in Dunwoody, Georgia in 1994. 

The interview with Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff took place in their offices in Philadelphia two years later. 

The recordings were edited by Andrew Mackenzie at the Warner/Chappell offices here in Los Angeles. 

I hope you enjoy them.



Curtis Mayfield In His Own Words. A Conversation with Alan Warner.




Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff In Their Own Words. In Conversation with music historian Alan Warner.




This Week's Flashback 45

THE OOGUM BOOGUM SONG (Alfred Smith) by Brenton Wood/Pro: Joseph Hooven and Jerry Winn (Double Shot: 1967). Written (under his real name Alfred Smith), this was Louisiana-born R&B singer Brenton Wood's debut hit

 (it charted here at #19 R&B and #34 Pop in '67).  

Brenton’s follow-up GIMME LITTLE SIGN (Smith/Hooven/Winn) fared even better later that same year, 

cresting at ##9 Pop & #19 R&B and #8 in the UK).

Alex Chilton of The Box Tops revived THE OOGUM BOOGUM SONG in '99 but Brenton's original version has stood the test of time and was featured earlier this year on the soundtrack of Greg Berlanti's romantic comedy "Love, Simon" 

(Fox 2000) which stars Nick Robinson, Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner; in addition, the single is on the film's 

Fox/RCA soundtrack album that's currently on the Billboard 200 chart. 

Rock on!

Alan Warner

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