Vol. 5, No. 1

“In Their Own Words”

Songwriters performing their songs

which were hits for other artists

Vol. 4, No. 25

“If Lovin’ You Is Wrong” 

The Songs of Homer Banks

Vol. 4, No. 24

“Round Midnight”

A Group of Instrumental Jazz Classics

Vol. 4, No 23

“Ring Ring Goes the Bell”

Sound Effects in Pop & Rock Records 

Part. 2: 

Bells and Ringing Chimes

Vol. 4, No. 22

“To Everything There Is A Season”

Indelible Memories of the Folk-Rock Era

Vol. 4, No. 21

“Celluloid Heroes & Heroine"s

Name Dropping songs citing Movie Stars

Vol. 4, No. 20

“A Taste Of Vintage New Orleans”

Favorite R&B Tracks from the Crescent City

Vol. 4, No. 19

"A Door To Yesterday Song Profile"

“Different Drum” by Michael Nesmith

Vol. 4, No. 18

“People Get Ready”

The Songs of Curtis Mayfield

Vol. 4, No. 17

“From Hot Pants to Blue Suede Shoes”

Vintage Songs About Stylish & Hip Clothing

Vol. 4, No. 16

“Celluloid Rock”

Posters & Trailers from Early Rock Movies

Vol. 4, No. 15

“Wild and Wacky”

The World of Vintage Novelty Songs

Vol. 4, No. 14

“Southern Nights”

The Songs Of Allen Toussaint

Vol. 4, No 13

“You know them, you just can’t sing them!”

Famous song titles not included in their lyrics

Vol. 4, No. 12

“Branding with the Stars"

Vintage Celebrity Endorsements

And Musical Commercials

Vol. 4, No. 11

“Doo-lang, doo-lang, doo-lang"

The World of 50’s & 60’s Girl Groups

Vol. 4, No. 10

“Hey, Stop What’s That Sound?”

Sound Effects in Rock & Pop Records

Vol 4, No. 9

“Walking The Blues”

The Songs Of Willie Dixon

Vol. 4, No. 8

“Mixed Media”

TV Shows that became Movies

Vol. 4, No. 7

“Monsters & Mayhem”

The World of Songs for Halloween

Vol. 4, No. 6

“Lyric Not Always Required”

The World of Scat Singing

Vol. 4, No. 5

“Ladies Of The Night”

Songs about Hookers, Strippers & all-around Bad Girls

Vol 4, No. 4

“By Any Other Name”

Pseudonymns & Aliases in Pop and Rock Music

Vol. 4, No. 2

“Sumpin’ Funky Going On”

The Songs of Donnie Fritts

Vol. 4, No. 1

”A Writer Takes His Pen To Write The Words Again"

Memorable Lyrics from Classic Motown Songs

Vol. 3, No. 25

“Game On!"

The World of Sporting Songs

and Anthems

Vol 3, No. 24

“Once Upon A Time…in 1969”

Superlative 45s from a Notable Year

Vol. 3, No. 23

“Riding Along In My Automobile”

The World Of Car Songs

Vol. 3, No 22

“Shake It Up, Baby!”

The Songs of Bert Berns

Vol. 3, No 20

“Swingin’ The Boogie"

The World of Boogie Woogie Music

Vol. 3, No. 18

“Hot Fun and Sunny Afternoons"

The World of Summer Songs

Vol. 3, No. 17

"From Rosa's Cantina to the Tallahatchie Bride"

The World  Of Country Story Songs

Vol 3, No 16

"Will You Love Me Tomorrow"

The Songs of Gerry Goffin

Vol 3, No 14

“Shake A Tail Feather"

Dance Songs of the Early 60’s

Vol 3, No 13

"Platter Chatter & Turntable Spins"

The World Of Radio DJs & DJ Songs

Vol. 3, No. 10

"A Drop Of The Hard Stuff"

The World of Whiskey-related Songs

Vol. 3, No. 9

"Betcha By Golly Wow"

The Songs of Thom Bell

Vol 3, No 8 

"White Line Fever"

The World of Road-related Songs

Vol 2, No 25

"From Texas To California"

Songs of & by Charles Brown

Vol 2, No 19

"The Big Beat Sound Of New Orleans"

Celebrating Dave Bartholomew

Vol 2, No 10

"Songwriters In Their Own Words"

Classic interviews with Curtis Mayfield

and Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff

Vol 2, No 6

"That Lovin' Feeling"

The Songs of Barry Mann &  Cynthia Weil

Vol. 1, No. 11

“Movin’ On Down The Line"

Th World  of Train & Railroad Songs